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U plate are using USB interface, the USB interface equipment can be hot pull the plug, but still need to acquire some skills.

The insert is need to pay attention to the direction, in meet could not insert, don't force, change the direction can solve the problem. And in pulling out and do not immediately after then insert, wait for five seconds to insert again.

Now many U plate has LED indicator light, the light and shade, such as indicator lights flashing reflect the U plate different state, generally indicator light on as long as it is all not pulling out U disk, it shows that U plate in work, to pull out the cause damage. Only when the indicator in Win98 destroyed, to pull out U disk. No indicator for the U disk, and after reading and writing after the operation of waiting for a moment to pull out, it's safer. And in Win ME / 2000 / XP added after U dish in the task bar more than in a USB device icon, open the icon will be on the list shows U plate equipment, choose the equipment was discontinued. And then you can pull out the equipment, thus will be safe. Need to explain, some U disk in the indicator light always WinXP light, this is because WinXP added to USB devices detection function, and as long as there is data flow, indicator light will shine, so at this time also will stop the equipment in, then pull out of work.

The choice of reading and writing switch

And a floppy similar, U plate usually have reading and writing switch, switch the switch can control U disk read only and reading and writing. Many users in the use of the switch, directly in the switch when using, this is not correct. Such not only can't make set to take effect, and that could damage U disk. Accurate method is, first pulled out U disk, then switch to state, and then insert U disk, such ability of normal use. Also some U plate and other switch, also want to follow the above instructions.

Cannot find equipment

Sometimes we the insert U disk, and without any response, then you should according to the following steps to inspect.

First judge whether U dish has been properly insert USB interface, you can pull off a inserted again; And then judge your operating system version, guarantee system for Win98SE or higher version; Check whether the BIOS setting of the system will USB interface activation; If have opened the USB device but not normal operation, solutions for in the device manager to delete "universal serial controller" of the related equipment, then refresh; The last check whether U disk driver problems. If after the above method also can't solve problems, Suggestions on another computer on test, if still can't use, may be U disk itself, that only for replacement.

The specific situations, suggest you can consult the manual U dish, or browse the U disk the corresponding website.


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