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Would U disk into computer-rectangle with the "tongue" inside the socket of, certain tongue on the next, corresponding to insert U plate; See a computer have didn't recognize U plate-the bottom right hand corner screen have tip access hardware, in my computer to see how a disk partition, if not may be U plate has a problem or usb drive system was not first installed (general Win2000 above all of the integrated); In my computer to see U dish dish to open it double-click operator, if can open and there will be enough space to other place by copying the files, and then to U dish paste, data transmission over with respect to OK. Not recommended by the shear greed fast, as far as possible with copy, to avoid failure or interrupt and cause data loss ~ ~ ~ data is copied to the U plate after the right click on the lower right corner of the screen that "rectangle equipment has a green arrows of inclined down" icon, safety delete... , tip is safely remove hardware can pull out, also can not delete hardware out after shutdown. U plate is suitable only for the temporary storage of data


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